Crystal Vision Project Update August

1st Sep 2020, 2:25 PM | TRMcLeod

For the month of  August I took a three-week break. I could not move or sleep very well after delivering a baby. I decided to take it easy and focus on my health and baby. The fourth week I started thumbnailing.  

I am in the process of thumbnailing the final pages for Crystal Visions. In the past, I worked on the pages in batches at a time. For example, I would do 8 pages and then post and start the process over again. I am still doing the same strategy but this time I want to get all the thumbnails done. The reason why I work that way is because it is the best way for me to manage my time. My other responsibilities in life keep me busy and there are times when I must give those responsibilities my full attention.  

Why don’t I just finish the story all at once and just be done with it? Well, that is simple. I have a short attention span. I treat the moments when I must shift my attention away from the comic as a break from working on one thing. I find that once I am done, I can get back into creating with more enthusiasm. My goal while on maternity with the comic is to get as many full pages done for a continuous buffer with more page updates. 


Firefly Jelly

Firefly Jelly Firefly Jelly

Congratulations on the safe delivery! Take your time and take care of what you need to. We'll be here.

1st Sep 2020, 2:38 PM


TRMcLeod TRMcLeod

Thank you!

17th Sep 2020, 7:31 AM

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