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Crystal and her brother Archie

Webcomic On A Short break and Webtoons Announcment

Webcomic On A Short break and Webtoons Announcment published on No Comments on Webcomic On A Short break and Webtoons Announcment

Above: Crystal is watching her brother summon his specter.

The good news is that Crystal Visions is now on webtoons.
Crystal Visions on Webtoons

The sad news is now we have to take some time to work on the final arch of chapter 1. Final chapter 1 arch of goes into more action and world-building. Crystal will come face to face with emotions she rather not deal with. She will forever be conscious of them throughout the remainder of the story.

During the break, I’ll be updating the site with work in progress and concept art. Why the break you may ask? (Or not but I’m going to explain anyway) In addition to making this story, me, Brianna and Miskisoo have really demanding “in real life” responsibilities. At our current pace, updates would be sporadic. I personally don’t like it when long-form comics update that way. I prefer a break, which allows the creators time to work on a full story arc and then release on a continuous update schedule.

Thank you for reading as we look forward to February .

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